LE MengLi

Limited edition MengLi has recently been released at DikaDoll.  He is a limited edition of only 20 dolls. 73cm tall  MengLi comes with a choice of body and resin color (see color options on chart below). The basic doll comes with a pair of eyes.  Options include a face-up, wig, outfit and shoes shown.

At this time, Dika Doll is holding an event. As he is a limited edition, MingLi is not included in the event. International customers may purchase the dolls from authorized retailers including Alice’s Collections.

From the company:

Dika Doll Christmas Event (2014.11.25 – 2014.12.31) :
* Order 70cm doll with Body Ver.3: 12% off + (a head or jointed hands or Mian or Tuan) as gift.
* Order 70cm doll with 3-part or 5 part torso body: 12% off + (a head or jointed hands) as gift.
* Order 58-65cm doll: 12% off + (a head or jointed hands) as gift.
* Order 42cm doll: 12% off + animal clothes or add $25 to get (a kid head or jointed hands) as gift.
* Order 26cm doll: 12% off + animal clothes as gift.
* Order special doll: 12% off + a wig as gift (Mian or Tuan’s gifts are extra tail & claw).
* Order Doll Body: 12% off.
* Jointed Hands: USD65/pair.
Important Notes:
* Limited Dolls & New Dolls don’t take part in the event.
* Grey & Tanned skin are NOT available during event period.
* If you order Youth boy with 61cm single-jointed body, there’s only discount but no gifts.
* All the above products/gifts mean Dika Doll products.
* Please specify which gift in the ‘comment box’ on checkout page, or we’ll consider that you renounce the gift.