Tarot 11. Justice – Justitia

A new Tarot release is now at Soul Doll. Tarot 11. Justice – Justitia is available for a limited time. The Zenith girl comes in normal or white skin resin. She can be ordered with a choice of 63 cm tall (including head) general or double jointed or 64cm tall new double jointed body. Three sets of hands are available, and customers can choose just one set or purchase a second or all three sets.

Justitia comes as a blank BJD with the eyes shown in the photos included. Options for the doll include a default or special face-up, wig, outfit, heel feet, lance, shield and armor set. The armor, lance and shield are cast in white resin. They are sold blank or may be optionally ordered with with painting.

Justitia will be available for pre-order until January 31st 2015.


Tarot 11. Justice - Justitia 1

Tarot 11. Justice - Justitia 2

Tarot 11. Justice - Justitia 3