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Sephie Doll Shop has release news on a new doll in-progress. Heliath will be released in now colors and as a head only.

From the company:

We are working on a new model for our “Origen” series, that those of you who follow us on social networks like Facebook or Flickr probably have already seen. If you want to keep informed about what we are working on, do not hesitate to follow us on Facebook and Flickr.

We are also experimenting with new resin colors for Helianth and future models, which we will include in our webshop ASAP.

​Also, because of your interest, we have decided to sell Helianth Heads separately, for anyone interested in hybridizing with other bodies that may be of other sizes. It can be ordered from now on. Remember that Helianth head is 7-8″.

And last but not least … We are working on a new 16 cm BJD, to expand our range of sizes. We will show the progress of work on our social networks What do you think?

We continue with the good news …

We are pleased to announce that due to our work rate we can offer you a shorter production time than the announced at the beginning, so that the maximum period of production for Helianth is one month from the full payment of your order. In addition, Helianth be available indefinitely.No more months of waiting!

If you got a discount coupon for Helianth on any event, you can use until January 31st 2015, since there will be no second preorder, being Helianth available indefinitely.

We also wanted to tell you that we will soon begin the shipments of the first ordered Helianths, and we will send the tracking number of your package to your email.

Oh, and Christmas is coming … and with it new surprises in Sephie Doll Shop! There will be a discount coupon for subscribers of our Newsletter. We will keep you informed.


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