Luts Winter Event 2nd – Quino

Luts has released their second round of dolls as part of their Winter Event.  Round 2 includes 1/4 size Kid Delf Quino Moonlit Song in a choice of either a human or Chimera version.  A special full-package of the doll is being sold at a discount.

Quino Human and Quino Chimera may be ordered in a choice of normal, white, brown, light tan or tan resin. Moonlit Song Quino human comes with an elf head and a choice from 3 different Kid Delf boy body styles. Basic Quino will come with a pair of eyes.  Options for the BJD include a face-up (style A or B), body blushing,  Lion head set, face-up for the lion head, a set of fantasy hands (blank or blushed) and horn set. Quino Chimera comes with a an elf ear head, eyes, a human male multi upper body and a chimera lower body in a choice of white, tan or grey skin resin. Options for Chimera Quino include a face-up (style A or B), body blushing,  lion head, face-up for the lion head set, a set of fantasy hands (blank or blushed) and horn set.

Quino Moonlit Song Full-package is a limited edition of only 50 sets.  Resin options for the body and heads are normal, white or brown skin only. The Chimera parts come in white, grey or tan. The set includes an elf head, eyes, a human type 2 body, a chimera body, horns, a wine colored wig, and clothes set. Options include a lion head set(with or without a face-up), fantasy hands (optional blushing), and blushing for the human and chimera bodies. Boots shown are available separately.

Quino Moonlit Song will be available until December 31st at 17:00 Korean time.


Quino human

Quino human

Quino lion head

Quino lion head

Chimera bodies:





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