“The Last Order” Event

Sadol is offering a variety of items one last time.  Some will be sold at a discount, while others will be offered for sale in a lottery.

From the company:

Hello, this is SADOL!

Say good-bye to 2014, we prepared an event, “The last order.”

The last order event is composed of two types,

“Items for the lottery ” and “Items for the discount”.

Each items for these events will prepared during the event season,

and it will be out of stock after the event.

We will promise to make you comfortable with our outstanding quality and services.

Thank you.

-The discount event for goodbye 2014-

1. 50%~30% are off on some items

2. period : december 1 – december 30

It can be out of stock earlier than event if the items are all sold out.


[P.E.- Boy]- 30%

[Art class – BOY] – 50%

[P.E.- Girl] – 30%

[Art class – Girl] – 50%

-The lottery event for goodbye 2014-

1. Draw for 3 winners in all members who ordered the full set items and we will give them 100 points.

2. period : december 1 – december 30

3. notice for winners in 1st week of January, 2015

4. 1 lottery ticket for 1 person only

(the number of order in this period is not related)


GTS 2014 boy-R
GTS 2014 boy-N
GTS 2014 boy-G
GTS 2014 boy-IV
GTS 2014 boy-B
GTS 2014 boy-BG
[duffle coat] – BOY
Classic2-stripe W

GTS 2014 girl-R
GTS 2014 girl-N

GTS2014 girl-G
GTS 2014 girl-IV
GTS 2014 girl-B
GTS 2014 girl-BG
[duffle coat] – Girl

GTS 2014 MSD-R
GTS 2014 MSD-N
GTS 2014 MSD-G
GTS 2014 MSD-B

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[Go to School-NavyU]
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