XM Doll Event

Miro Doll has announced an additional event for XM dolls on their website. Free shipping is offered for large orders. Layaway is now available.

From the company:

Mirodoll offers 10% discount on XM dolls and doll bodies from December 1st to January 10th.

And we offer free shipping to orders over $888, anywhere in the world. So long as the total order is over $888, Miro Doll pay the shipping cost.

And yes layaway is always accepted. Layaway orders can be placed by emails only, the website can not accept layaway. Please tell Miro which items you will order, your shipping address, phone or mobile number, we will tell you the total value. The deposit is 25% of the total value. The balance can be paid in the next 3 months.


1/4 doll Robin

1/4 doll Robin