Migidoll Event Open

The Migidoll  event is going on now. Pre-orders for various M-Series and C Series dolls in normal and white skin resin are open until November 30th. At that time, the company will also offer select wigs and shoes at a 20% discount. A special coupon will be sent to members that will be valid until December 1st.

Migidoll is offering free gifts with purchases including C-Lovely Lime. She will be sent as a blank basic doll.  An optional face-up may be ordered for the her.

From the company:

November special present event

1. On orders over $ 200 : OscarDoll Eyes (design and color of Eye are shipping randomly)
2. On orders over $ 400 : OscarDoll Eyes + C-Lovely Baby type “Lime” 1EA
(Except for partial payment.)

It will apply to order amount after being discounted. (expect for shipping charge)

** C-Lovely Baby type “Lime” is not for sale but for free gift only.