Crobi Quiz

Crobi Doll has started their Quiz Event.  The first question is now posted. A new T-line doll named Rudy has also been added, but is not yet available.

From the company:

With Year-end lineup, we will have a Quiz event.
According to your correct answers, we will give credit points or discount coupons for you. :D

From 24th, Nov., during 7 days(except for weekends),
there will be a Quiz on the every afternoon, and for each question,

you will apply the event on Comment Board below during 24 hours, please. :)

3 correct answers : $1 credit points
6 correct answers : $3 credit points
7 correct answers : 5% discount coupon ( use period: till 5th, Jan., 2015)

* The first quiz will be updated on 24th Nov., Monday afternoon~!!
* The gifts will not be offered repeatedly.
* The correct answer and credit point/coupon will be updated /offered on 4th Dec., 2014(Korean time).