MomoTree Clearance Sale

MomoTree is holding a clearance for version 1 dolls. The dolls, which are displayed on the lower part of the company’s homepage, are limited in quantity. Each doll is sold blank in normal or white skin resin with a choice of 26 or 29cm body. A face-up is optionally available. Bodies are also available separately.

From MomoTree:

Thank you for your love and support toward to Momos’s Basic line and Momos Body ver.1

We decided to stop producing on them, for that reason we offer you a clearance sale.

Now you can get Momos basic dolls and Body ver.1 30% off!

Don’t miss out on a great deal~

And we promise to be back with more and better image.

We will looking forward to seeing you again 🙂

-Date : Nov. 21st. 2014 ~ End of Nov. 2014

Some of products might be sold out early due to a stock shortage.

-Sold out list

Lucy ( tan / normal skin)

Michelle ( tan / normal skin)

Matilda ( tan / normal skin)

Momo26 body ver.1 ( tan / normal skin)

Momo29 body ver.1 ( tan / normal skin)