BJDcollectasy News

Lingering health problems here at BJDcollectasy have kept the latest article from being completed and posted.

We kept hoping that we would catch up, but decided that at this tine all we can do is keep up with the latest pre-Christmas news to the best of our ability. Guest writers are scheduled for the next 2 weeks to give us a rest, but we hope to be back  to full-steam well before then.

BJDcollectasy makes a real effort to promote new doll artists and companies. We are sorry that we weren’t aware of Ppinky Pie Dolls and copyright violations.  We appreciate the people that have notified us, and we will not include the dolls on BJDcollectasy.  The post shall remain, however, in hope that someone that is unaware of this information might find it in a search. Thanks so much for your help!