Issac, Friel, Berial, and Agasa

Soul Doll has released four new dolls.  They are Zenith line J.Issac and Friel, Vito line Berial, and SoulKid Agasa.

65.5cm tall J.Issac and and 63-4cm tall Friel both come in normal or white skin resin. They are sold as blank basic dolls with eyes included. Options include a face-up (default or special) and outfits. J,Issac also comes with horn parts (blank or painted). Friel additionally comes with a choice of bodies, optional face tattoo with beads, a choice of hand set(s), shoes and heel feet.

42-3 cm tall Agassa is available in normal or white skin resin. She is sold as a basic doll with a random pair of eyes and a faux fur wig.a choice of body. Options include a default or special face-up, outfit and horn parts (blank or painted).

52cm tall Berial is a limited edition doll, and he will be available until December 5th. Berial is being cast in sandy brown resin and includes a pair of eyes. He comes with a choice of body. Berial also comes with a choice of human or fanged head or optionally both heads. Optional parts include set 1 which contains animal legs and long nail hands and set 2 with horns and a spear. Additional options include default or special face-up for one or both heads, blushing of body and/or parts, outfit and wig.