Rang and Dain Moonlight Elves

The Gem introduces two new 1/4 size dolls for the Elves line.  The are Rang and Dain – Moon Light Elves. The bronze doll (Rang) and cream white doll (Dain) are owl elves. Two heads, “romantic” (human) and “sleepy” (pointed ear) are offered with a choice of a boy or a girl body (with blossom breasts only). Rang and Dain come with the two heads, a human body and additional resin parts including claw hands and lower legs and feet, and resin wings. Options include a face-up for one or both heads, body blushing, one or both pairs of eyes, one or both wigs, boy and/or girl outfit, additional human body, and blushing for additional body. Brown fur owl wings may be purchased separately. The pre-order period for the dolls ends December 1st.