BJDcollectasy Updates

As the temperatures are beginning to steadily drop at the home of BJDcollectasy, we decided to re-do the banner with a little snow. This is also the season for big BJD sales, and we are working hard to post all sales to the Company/Retail Sale Events page either on the day that we have announced them or on the day after. The date of the last time the Event page was updated appears on red at the top.

For this month and the next, we will be featuring reviews on 1/6 dolls.  The first one, Mystic Kids Isabel, is an example of an affordably priced doll, the next will be on a more expensive Korean doll, and the final one will be on a larger doll in the 30cm range. Two guests will have articles including Virginia Obeius  of Forever Virginia and Thrift Shop Lovely and Rajendora of Sewing Box Designs. There are plans for winter doll items and a customized BJD with a fashion tutorial. As always, there will be a new New Year’s baby!

Thank you for visiting BJDcollectasy in 2014!