FreedomTeller Update

FreedomTeller has added new sizes to their Limited Edition Les Miserables Jean Valjean & Inspecteur Javert outfits. Customers may now order sets that will fit IpleHouse EID and SID and Dollshe David Kuncci size dolls. New matching items have been added to go with the sets including boots and a sword with sheath. The pre-order period has been extended.

From the company:

Limited ‘Jean Valjean’ & ‘Inspecteur Javert’ Pre-order Period
Sword and Walker Boots Updated on FreedomTeller.com
(Iplehouse EID, SID and Dollshe David Kuncci)

[ Jean Valjean ] & [ Inspecteur Javert ] EID, SID, Kuncci Limited Sets Update

This time not only did we update EID, SID sized outfit sets but also newly added Dollshe Craft’s David Kuncci size.
We hope your your interest~

EID,SID, Kuncci Pre-order Period : 2014.11.08 ~ 2014.11.22

Shipping Period : 2014.11.24 ~ 2014.12.05

SD13,SD17,70cm Pre-order Period : 2014.10.24 ~ 2014.11.15 (Deadline Extended)

Shipping Period : 2014.11.10 ~ 2014.12.05

* Due to the addition of new size and accessories update, we’ll be extending the deadline of SD13,17,70cm size pre-ordering period by a week.


jean valjean

boots sword