Miro Doll Winter Promotion

Miro Doll‘s promotion for winter offers steep discounts on their dolls and bodies. Discounts on XM dolls are coming soon.

From the company:

Winter comes, we hope everyone will have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
We have good price and good gifts for all our dear customers. We continue the 40% discount on dolls and doll bodies, besides we offer extra cash discount on the dolls. For example the 70cm girl body is 150 after 40% discount, now we offer extra $12 discount, the price is only $138, 1/3 girl body is $84 before, now is $75.

The price of whole dolls dropped accordingly. We drop the price in only to hope our customers can buy more gifts with their money. The quality of the dolls will maintain as good as usual, and the wait time will not be longer. And we will try to make more dolls and choices.

The Promotion time is from November 5th to January 10th, 2015.

We will also drop XM doll price a little during the holidays. The price is to come soon.


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