Oobie Doll News

Oobie Doll has a variety of new items available in the store. They include a tiny “Zombie Pet” figure by Nefer Kane, shoes custom designed for Doll Chateau dolls, and OOAK wigs.

From the retailer:

Just in time for the Halloween holiday! I have a few of Circus Kanes’s Zombie Pets in stock!

My Doll Chateau Kid shoes are here! With my design, Doll Heart has crafted 3 shoes to fit this long and slender foot perfectly. Both pair of skimmers are in stock. I have also opened a preorder for the boot design which is about complete at Doll Heart. This boot is for the girls and the boys!

I have been adding one of a kind wigs all month! Another surprise is coming for those of you with tiny head dolls…….Please check back often as these are limited.

I am also pleased to announce the new opening of two dolls at Doll Chateau, Wanda and Zora. She is the Baby size and a new body design.


Zombie Pet

Zombie Pet

shoes 027

shoes 018



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