Irreal Doll News

IrrealDoll has launched their new website. Dolls Nur and Ino will be available for pre-order this weekend.

From the company:

Our new website is finally up and running, and we would like to celebrate this particular event with two new pre-orders in the same weekend!

We will begin with Nur this Saturday 1st of November at 19:00 PM UTC+1 Timezone (Spain Time). We will be offering two skin tones for Nur, Toffee and Milkshake, and you will be able to choose between three different make up options. Stock will be very limited, so better practice your online purchasing skills this week if you’re interested in adopting him!

Then the next day, on Sunday 2nd of November, also at 19:00 PM UTC+1 Timezone (Spain Time), we will open a new Ino pre-order, featuring the two new skin tones, Milkshake and Peanut. Toffee will be also offered.
Please take the time to register a new account on the new website and read carefully all the information on how to place orders. We’ve prepared a complete INFO & FAQ section that hopefully will clear all your questions.