Dollie Distribution

A company called Dollie Distribution has opened in the United States.  They work as a  liaison between their customers and doll fashion designer Dollheart and various Chinese doll manufacturers.

From the company:


My name is Chantel Cook. I am the account manager for a company called Dollie Distribution. Dollie Distribution is the authorized wholesale distributor for Doll Heart. We specialize in creating opportunities for BJD retailers and artisans.

Doll Heart Dealership!

  • Looking to carry Doll Heart products? Becoming a Dealer for Doll Heart?! Through Dollie Distribution, retailers have access to Doll Heart products with great wholesale discounts. For detail information and policies, please contact me at info@dollie-distribution.com.
  • If you are located in United States, your freight cost is dramatically reduced because we ship from both the US and Hong Kong.
  • Dollie Distribution has close working relationships with the companies we distribute for, ensuring safe and efficient communication between the companies and the retailers we distribute to.

Custom BJD Clothing/Accessory Manufacturing via Doll Heart

  • Dollie Distribution provides a service for artists who are looking to have their BJD clothing/accessory designs manufactured by a well known company.
  • If you have designs or ideas for custom BJD accessories or clothing, contact info@dollie-distribution.com. I will provide you with the information necessary to begin the process of having your designs produced by the designers at Doll Heart.
  • The process is as follows:
    • First the artist provides examples of their design in either drawings with measurements or detailed pictures
    • After we collect all appropriate information, we will submit them to Doll Heart designers, who provide a quote for the cost for the project.
    • The artist pays 50% of the quote up front, and the designers begin working on design concept and eventually a prototype.
    • Once the artist and designers agree on the prototype, the artist pays the remaining 50% of the cost and production begins.
    • The minimum order of a custom designed item is 50 units.
    • If the artist declines to move forward with the project before production begins, the premium paid will be refunded with the prototype fee deducted.

Custom Ball Jointed Doll Manufacturing

  • Dollie Distribution has connections with several well known BJD casting companies.


  • Artists who are looking to have their custom doll designs cast by professionals in quality material should contact Dollie Distribution. We will serve as the link between you and the company which best suits your needs.


    • For further information please e-mail info@dollie-distribution.com. I will provide you with our policies and answer any questions you may have.


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