Marbled Halls News

Marbled Halls has released news on previous orders and upcoming releases.

From the artist:

I wanted to update all dolls. It seams some people have not gotten updates so let me say..ALL dolls are in with the exception of OLGA.
All Sprockets..are in..so if you are waiting for announcement..they are here. When you are ready to pay if you have not..contact me then I will get yours ready to ship
The same goes for Frump..Galya has them painted and waiting so if you are waiting on her..she is here.
Also Sprocket pets..all are here.
I have extras of the pets and a new tan color..so if you want to order just email me.

Olgas pale preorder was in August..she should arrive in the next 3-5 weeks. I ordered some extras so if you missed her preorder, it is not too late.

OLGA TAN PREORDER IS October 29th..5:30 eastern time , I will ask for $200 deposit sent to bullwinkle2001@hotmail.com. Since she is limited please wait for my email response to your inquiry to pay this.Please send inquiries to this email as well. When you make deposit I will ask that you write Tan Olga on the deposit..you can decide details (fullest, blank etc later) If you are ordering a pale version write that on the deposit .

Tan OLGA details are the same as OLGA paleskin but she is limited to no more than 50.
If you need photos check my web www.marbledhalls.com

You can email me with questions.

I am sculpting now and will have some surprises hopefully before Christmas!

I will be having a Virtual BJD and costume sale on Facebook in November some time..date to be determined later….if you are not on my friends list..please go to my web and you will find the link.

I don’t have any more shows except antique doll shows until the spring so I will be around to work on sculpts and clothes and paint Olgas!

Again thank you all for your ongoing kindness to me..you are the best!



Olga (7)

Olga (2)