Royals Collection

The Popovy Sisters have their new Royals Collection series now available.

From the artists:

Dear friends, we’re happy to inform you that the highly anticipated collection ROYALS has been finally released today! Check the ROYALS gallery on our official web page http://popovy-dolls.com/index.php?op…mid=44&lang=en

This collection was inspired by the game of chess.
“Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a chessboard, a checkered gameboard with 64 squares , it combines art, science and sport”. We tried to convey the special charm of the game, its aesthetics and atmosphere using our own unique style.
This time our girls tried themselves as Royal retinue in the form of chess pieces.
The whole collection is based on the contrast and geometry. Heavy materials set against light ones and soft silhouette are contrasted to sharp, rigid forms.
A characteristic feature of this collection is a parallel elongation of horizontal lines and material stripes from the costume onto the sleeves. We made a little accent on luxury by implementing massive jewelry, volumetric décor and royal fur in the outfits.
The new image includes two different characters – an “albino girl” refined makeup and vivid makeup with thick black eyelashes as the opposite side.
The “Albino” makeup includes handmade eyelashes made of mink fur, each eyelash being hand glued to make each doll even more unique.
Original soundtrack that you hear in our gallery was traditionally created by Hålrum and for the first time second track was written by Kharaktic
5 dolls were involved in the current photo shoot – Little Owl Albino, Little Owl Dark, Peewit Albino, Peewit Dark, Cockoo Dark. This time we decided to give you the freedom of choice. These five dolls are available in different outfits, all outfits and two new “Rider” chairs can be purchased separately. There are some OOAK items and some are limited edition.
Contact us for purchase information.


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