Mint on Card News

Mint on Card has posted new dolls from Angell Studio. Limited edition dolls, 71cm tall Chiyu and Qingyi are being sold for a limited time with discounts and free gifts.

Mint on Card is also offering  Dollheart Fukubukuro bags in very limited quantities.

From the retailer:

Now it stock; Doll Heart Fukubukuro Shoes! These Fukubukuro bags were exclusive to Dollism Plus NY. A small number of them were not sold at the convention, so we purchased them and have made them available on our site! We have bags available for SD13 Boys (8 – 8.7cm), SD10/13 Girls (6.4 – 6/8cm), and MSD (5 – 5.8cm). These are *very* limited, so nab them while you can!

According to MoC, Aimerai is preparing to release a new doll. The BJD will be available in approximately 2 weeks.

Due to a lack of communication, dolls by DikaDoll are no longer being sold in the shop. Only in-stock BJDs are available in the store.


Chiyu & Qingyi

Chiyu & Qingyi

DollHeart shoes

Dollheart shoes