Pixxie Pre-order

A pre-order has been opened for the 19cm Pixxie dolls at IpleHouse.  The PID dolls available include Ariel, Pylia, Joyful Ryu-Ah, Joyful Dorothy, Joyful Twinky and Joyful Blooming. Resin color options for the girls include white, normal, peach-gold, special real, light tan and gray. Each doll comes with basic hands and feet and a random color pair of acrylic eyes. Options for the dolls include a face-up from a choice of 2 styles, and an outfit in a choice from 3 styles. Shoe feet and additional hand sets are available separately. The PID pre-order ends November 9th (Korean time).





Joyful Ryu-ah


Joyful Twinky


Joyful Blooking


Joyful Dorothy

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