FairyGarden News

FairyGarden has posted a notice about a temporary suspension in handmade doll production.

From the artist:

I have a small bad news. After I came back from Europe, my right thenar eminence started feeling numb when being touched. At first I thought it’s just a small problem and would heal soon. However, several month passed, it’s still numb and the numb area is getting larger. The doctor said it was caused by carpal tunnel syndrome and required me to stop overusing my hand, otherwise it will get worse.

Therefore, I decided to stop selling 10cm dolls and 24cm dolls which casted and sanded by myself for a while. The dolls casted by factory will be still available.

And a good news is that I’m considering to make Papa eyes in all size and they will be available for purchase to all customers. But first, I need to find a assistant to make eyes for me.



Papana dolls are still available