Ringdoll Around the World

Ringdoll is holding a photo contest called Ringdoll around the World.

From the company:

Time flies!
Dear friends,do you still remember the first time you held those adorable darlings in your arms?
They looked into your eyes and devote themselves to be your most loyal companion ever since.
Can you hear the beat of their heart?Can you feel their gentle view?Even just in the shortest moment.
From then on,how many beautiful time you spent together were recorded,it’s time to get them bask in the sunshine and gain more blessings!

Photo contest: Ringdoll around the world
Content: Using travel as the theme, take interesting photos for Ringdoll
Rule: Every participant can only post one photo on Ringdoll’s timeline.
Evaluation method: After the contest, from Nov.21st- Feb 23rd ,who get the most likes wins.

Ringdoll facebook website?https://www.facebook.com/ringdoll

Preparation Period:Oct 15th- Nov 15th
Competition Period: Nov 16th- Nov 20th
The release time of final result: Dec 24th

First prize: Basic Pan in Tan skin color(which is already sold out)

Second prize:Accessories package A(which is already sold out)
Third prize:Rc60-52
What you will be rewarded is decided by the amount of likes your pictures collect!
Ringdoll official website: www.ringdoll.com
Contact us: service@ringdoll.com
Skype: sales.ringdoll