Qingyi and Chiyu

Angell Studio will release Qingyi and Chiyu on October 15th.  They are limited edition dolls. 71cm tall Chiyu and Qingyi may be ordered in solid butter, solid white or sun tanned resin. Both dolls come with a “Pheonix” body with sculpted feathers on the chest and back, claw hands and feet.

Angell Studio is offering an event for the dolls.

From the company:

Naked doll(Phoenix body+ head), Clothes, wig, eyeballs, face-up.

Order naked doll, get 50% discount of body making up.

Order fullset doll, get 50 % discount of human parts.

You can also add human parts to your order. (hands, shank, feet)

If you order Fullset Qingyi and Chiyu, you can get Qingyi’s weapon and mask for free.