Dollheart for October

Dollheart has new fashions for October available through their partners including Angels Cave. The theme for this month is 1920’a Flapper. There are outfits available for SD16, SD13, SD10 and Unoa size girls. The pre-order ends October 28th.  Delivery is estimated to begin the end of November.


"Mrs. Dalloway" & "Liqueur de Myrte" for SD16

“Mrs. Dalloway” & “Liqueur de Myrte” for SD16

"Abigail" & "Samantha" for SD10/13

“Abigail” & “Samantha” for SD10/13

Lady Sets "Some Of These Days" & "If You Knew Susie" for SD/SD13

Lady Sets “Some Of These Days” & “If You Knew Susie” for SD/SD13

"Breanna" & "Katie" & "Marissa" for Unoa size

“Breanna” & “Katie” & “Marissa” for Unoa size