~Costumes for Resin Kids~

banner halloween costume

This pattern makes a basic hooded outfit that can be used to create a variety of costumes for 1/6  size kid dolls.

Doll models include Limhwa Aries series 26cm tall Do boy and Mystic Kids 27cm Isabel, bot purchased from Junkyspot.


PDFs – 2 pattern pieces ~ Costume back Costume front

fabric with matching thread

optional bias tape to match

cord, ribbon or chains for belt


Step 1:Download the pattern and cut out two of each piece.

costume pattern pinned to material

pattern cut out


Step 2: Pin the two front pieces and the two back pieces together. Sew the pieces together as shown below.

front pinned

pattern back pinned

front back sewn

Step 3: Make cuts to the curves in the outfit and under the arms.

assemble costume Cuts

cut under arm

Turn the outfit inside out.  Fray the edges. Add a belt.


Alternate version ~ Throat seam

The opening around the head may be too small for your doll.  You can easily adjust it to size, or make the the opening into a v-neck.

Step 1: Try on the costume.

black outfit neck seem 1

Step 2: open the seam at the top and remove the stitches

black neck seam 2

Fold the excess back and cut it off.

black neck seam 3

For the black version, the front seam was lengthened.  Instead of fraying the edges, they were covered with bias tape. The masks were custom-made for the dolls based on an older BJDcollectasy Halloween project that can be found HERE.

black costume done

2 costumes