Maeve, the Leannan Sidhe

Doll artist Nanyalin Magic Mirror Studio has now opened pre-orders for Maeve, the Leannan Sidhe.

From the artist:

After a long preparation time, finally Maeve is available for preorder!
Maeve is the new 50cm doll by Magic Mirror studio. She will be available in two colors; Light Tan and Fair Skin (similar to Dollshe fresh skin, but a tad more pink). Maeve comes with several customization options. As usual, Layaway Purchase is available for this doll.

– Maeve is limited to a maximum of 100 uds., and will be available for preorder until the 3th of November.

– She will be available for preorder at Ldoll. I will also take a limited amount of extra Maeves to the doll show. (4 Maeves in Fair Skin, and 3 Maeves in Anniversary Lilac skin)

Maeve is being sold as a blank basic doll.  Options include a default or custom face-up, and body blushing.



tan maeve3