Doll Mix News

DollMix, a doll retail website for British Columbia and Russia, has a new website. The store carries a variety of doll companies including Akagi Doll, Impldoll, Akagi Doll, Doll Leaves, Doll Legend and more. To celebrate their new site, an event has been launched.

From the shop:

We’re proud to announce our first event at the new site – www.dollmix.com –

A: Purchase any doll of 26-75 cm size from any company – get free accessories – wig and eyes which will fit your doll. You can chose the color and the style of the wig and eyes. If you want to order a doll from the companies which are not in out list, please, contact us first!
B: Purchase Akagi Doll, Doll Leaves, MaskCat Doll goods – get a shipping discount (up to 100%, depending of the final sum of the order). We will contact you after the order is placed & will give you the information on the shipping fee discount. All customs fees, if there are any, should be paid by the customer.

You can chose A or B event, these events cannot be combined!






Jellard from Doll Adore