Migi Doll for October

Migidoll has posted their schedule for October. A discount on re-styled Yujin will be offered, and a free Yujin sleeping head will be sent to customers that make qualifying purchases during the event period.

From the company:

Migidoll Sale Plan in October.
1. Launch of “Second Yujin” M-style.
– Migidoll will release the 2nd version of Yujin for M-Style type.

* Sale period: Starts at 10 am on October 16, and finish at 6pm on October 27.

– During this event, you can get Second Yujin at 10% off (including head & body set)
2. October sales products and dates.
* October sales products

– M-style : Ell, Miho, Yuri, Cho, Jina, Mu(New Makeup)
– M-Cute : Sun, Mir
Sale : From October 16 to 27.

3. Mu make-up change.
New default make-up of Mu has been updated.
Please be aware when you place an order of the make-up.
To commemorate the change of makeup, the makeup price is 30% off during event. ($60 -> $42)

4. “Second Yujin” launch event!
During event, for order over $200, we will present “Sleeping Yujin head”

**Sleeping Yujin head is not for sale but for free gift only.
Therefore, we do not receive inquiries of its price or sales.