Nympheas Dolls has received the shipment of new Tit’herbe in time for Ldoll Festival.  The little creature will be offered in pre-order near the end of the month.

From the artist:

The Ldoll approaching fast, my bags are packed, I can’t wait to present my latest models and meet you,
This year I have a ‘pro’ stand and it’s very emotional to me that i never imagined that a few years ago
I just wanted to make dolls and there I embarked on the starting a business adventure!

Otherwise I also preparing the sale of my last model: Tit’herbe is a creature of the woods, hiding in the leaves and is very happy ^^ I really had fun creating it, I hope you love it.
Tit’herbe will be on sale from 25 October to 10 November, he is 12cm!
Oh and I went forget, I received Chouchous Green tea and I still have a little bit, I put them on sale here:
http: //www.nympheasdolls.com

Thank you for your great support!