Dear Mine News

Dear Mine is currently offering 1/4 size Dear Lover line Evans and Heather “Tea Party” version. At the request of customers,  the event-only Beans line (12cm tall excluding ears) Picasso is being made available with two different face-up styles “bitter” and “sweet”. All of the dolls are cast in white skin resin. They are available as basic dolls with eyes  included and optional face-ups and outfits.

From the company:

Thanks to the support of a lot of people, we couldnt’ve finish Dollism Plus OSAKA and Dollism Plus USA safely.

We thank you and customers who visit our booth, participators from the heart.

In addition, new line came out!! Dear Beans Picasso bean series which were convention
limited doll for celebrating Dear Beans release loved a lot and sold out!
We’ve received request from the customers who couldn’t participate convention and
who couldn’t purchase it from the convention,Dearmine decided to start encore selling of Picasso beans promotion version in order.

The first selling will be Picasso bean white skin Bitter and Sweet in limited period.

Other than Picasso Beans, Heather and Evans came back in lovely and Pure mood so pleas check them too!!

Selling Period : Sep. 30th ~ Nov. 30th, 2014 (About 2 months)

Selling list
1. Dear Lover ‘Evans ~Tea Party~’
2. Dear Lover ‘Heather ~Tea Party~’
3. Dear Beans Picasso bean Promotion (Encore) Bitter & Sweet

* Dear Beans Picasso bean Bitter & Sweet is promotion product which will be sold in limited period,
and in the future simple and cheaper make-up basic Picasso bean will be released.

* After start selling basic Picasso bean, only Basic and Bitter make-up will be able to order,
and there will be price difference between them.

* Picasso Bean Sweet make-up is limited period item, and after the period, it is not able to order it.

* Tea Party Evans and Heather’s outfit is able to order separately,
and it is now on sale at Outfit category.






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