LE Poseidon- The Breath of God Released

Luts is now offering new 1/4 size Kid Delf Kelp as limited edition Poseidon- The Breath of God.He may be ordered in a human or god version for a limited time.

The Kelp god version includes hooved lower legs instead of human calves and feet. Both dolls come in a choice of normal, white or brown resin with eyes and a choice of open eyed or romance eyed head. Optional additions include a choice of a natural or god face-up, body blushing (with or without optional tattoo), wig, outfit and resin crown and trident (with optional painting). Kelp god version  can be ordered with the addition of human hands, and/or lower legs and feet and shoes.

A full-package version of Poseidon- The Breath of God is also available. The set includes both heads. The open eyed head comes with the god face-up, the romance head is blank. The package also will come with the god body, eyes, wig, outfit and painted resin crown and trident. Options include a set of human hands, lower legs and feet, and blushing for the parts. The body comes blank or optionally blushed and/or tattooed.

Kelp Poseidon’s order period will close at 1:00 PM on the 31st of October (Korean Time).


Human version with romance head

Human version with romance head

God version

God version


kelp posidon faceup1