Pieta Pre-order

Twigling has now started the pre-order for her new doll Pieta.  Below is most of the information on the doll.  For full information including prices, please go to Den of Angels HERE.

From Twigling:


twigling will soon be accepting preorders for the new “Pietá” sculpt on the TL3 (Ingenue) body. The doll is at this time being offered in Rose Pink resin, and for the event will be limited to a release of 25 units. The preorder is open from September 30 till October 15, or may close earlier if all the slots are filled.

The preorder is being held now, so that the dolls can be ordered from the factory in time for a delivery in the beginning of December, so that they can be picked up in person from the twigling table at the Dolls Rendez-Vous show in Paris on December 7.

A minimum number of 10 sales is necessary for this preorder to take place, and a maximum number has been set for the dolls to be able to be delivered in time.

The Pietá sculpt does not yet exist in resin, but a clay prototype is currently on the way to the reproduction facilities to be molded and cast. I hope to have a resin doll to show very soon.

Pietá images here: (click photo to go to Flickr)

Screen shot 2014-09-27 at 7.35.39 AM

The doll for this preorder is being offered in a Rose Pink resin, you will have the option to choose which type of hands and bust you would like your doll to have, and you can also order extra hands, busts and even extra heads, as well as the Body Double bust stand.

See the bust sizes here.
See the hand types here.
See pictures of the TL3/Ingenue body here.

It will also be possible to purchase the doll as a kit, meaning you will need to assemble it yourself, however screws, hooks and magnets will already be attached for your convenience.

I regret to inform that we are not able to offer faceups at this time, but can recommend names of a range of excellent artists whom you would be able to commission to paint your doll for you.

The doll will come with a hand-made zippered cushion bag, glass eyes, box and certificate.

Outstanding costs will be payable at pickup.

I am doing my best to ensure that the dolls will be available and ready for pickup in Paris on December 7 as promised.

As I have very probably managed to omit relevant and important information on this sheet, please direct all questions to twigling via an email to mail@twigling.com, or a Private Message on the Facebook page, or  on Den of Angels. I will be more than happy to answer all your questions as best I can.