Mo Yu and Lucifer Style B

New versions of two of Ringdoll‘s Ring Grown dolls have been released; Mo Yu and Lucifer Style B. Both dolls may be purchased in basic and full-set versions. The basic dolls come blank with a choice of  RGMale body 1, 2,3 or 4, and optional face-ups. The Full-set versions of Mo Yu and Lucifer will include a face-up, eyes and an outfit. The wigs shown are not included in the full-set.  Instead, the company will include a dark grey wig that can be seen HERE. Lucifer and Mo Yu come in normal or white skin resin.  Tan skin may also be requested, but the doll will be sold without face-up only.

(At this time, Ringdoll is running a new event for October. Full information on the event may be found on BJDcollectasy on the Company/Retail Sale Events page.)

Mo Yu:

mo yu2
mo yu 1