Withdoll News and Event

WithDoll is offering a discount on dolls cast in special skin colors. A new skin color is also being offered for Limited Edition Ash Hunter. Halloween-themed dolls will be released soon.

From the company:

Before the Halloween, we prepared the event.

Event period is until October 10th.

This event is for Basic Edition and Limited Quantity Edition.

– 15% discount off (Only for head and body)

– Sale of special skin (Grey, Brown tan UV, Rosy brown UV, Sweet green)

– Limited Quantity Edition is sell regardless of remaining quantity.

Elf hunter Ash is excluded from the discount sale.

Sale period is extend until October 10th.

We are still offering a pair of sandals and feet parts for the sandals.
Sweet green skin is available when ordering.
If you already order Ash and want to change skin color, Please contact us.

We will release the Halloween dolls soon.
They are Werewolf babies.
Please give us your interest and support.