Xiu Release

Xiu is now released at Ringdoll. The doll is part of a series of  game characters being created by the company.  Xiu  may be found HERE on the company website. Xiu comes in a choice of normal or white skin resin. The limited edition version full-set may be purchased for a limited time. Starting October 1st, customers will receive free gifts with the purchase of a full-set.

From the company:

JX3 x Ringdoll:
Kingsoft Season Game Studio together with Pisces Culture—–The annual great launch!

Clan: Qi Xiu
Link of Xiu: http://www.ringdoll.com/goods.php?id=446

Basic doll without make-up, Add make-up:
Fullset including:
eyes[Re-32]+ clothes [RC70-41] +headdress[Rot82]+head[RGM20]+make-up+RGMbody-4(68cm)
+++HeadRGM20 can be purchased separately.
+++The sword Rot84 isn’t included in the full-set,Pls order it separately.(http://www.ringdoll.com/goods.php?id=445)
+++Purchase doll Xiu during event period can get paper umbrella(Rot72) and sword(Rot84) for free.(October Event Period:1st,Oct-31th,Oct,2014)
+++If you purchase the fullset, you will get the wigs Rwigs60-37(the same with official images) as a gift.

The size of the sword:
The length of the sword is 53cm, the width is 5.5cm.

1.Xiu will be style limited,period:
Sep 28th,2014 to Nov 28th, 2014. After that only basic doll is available.
2.There’re two options of skin color for full-set and basic doll:normal skin and white skin.
3.Only RGMbody-4 for the full-set, basic doll can have RGMbody-1,RGMbody-2,RGMbody-3 for options.