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Talented artist ‘Dr. Mes’ creates BJDs in his own personal style. While his company, DollPamm has only been open for a relatively short time, He has already created numerous dolls for four lines, Loli, Shota, Tiny and the new Bebe line. The artist also plans to include other lines in the future.


Q: Could you tell me a little about yourself and how you became interested in making dolls?

dr mesA: My Korean name is Bae sung-ho, most people in the BJD area know me as ‘Dr. Mes’. Dr. Mes is my sculptor nickname. Mes refers to the surgical Mes (scalpel). A surgery Mes is my favorite tool, I use it in sculpture work, silicone mold making, resin casting, and various other work. For this reason, I chose to Dr. Mes as my nickname.

About 8 years ago, I founded a company of made-to-order figures and character designs. The character design and figure sculpture was fabricated according to the design that the customer desired. However, with made-to-order I could not create what I want, and I had lost interest in my work. It was not rewarding.

However, while doing a job like this, with doll sculpture, character design, resin casting and mold making, I had acquired new skills.

To use these skills, I was decided to sell by sculpting a creative doll in my favorite style. For these reasons, I chose to sculpt ball-jointed dolls that favor creativity. Now I am very happy about being able to make a doll I want. While my ability is still developing, I hope I meet the expectations and bring enjoyment to many people.

Q: When did you start making your own BJDs for sale?

A: I decided to make a doll of a style I liked from about two years ago. For the purpose of sale, from about August 2012, I began to make a ball-jointed doll of my own style. As a career, I have made ball-jointed dolls for a short period.

Q:When did DollPam officially open? How did you decide on the name?

Screen shot 2014-09-28 at 9.36.59 AMA: On March 2013, the Korean site was opened, in June the English site opened.
DOLLPAMM is “Doll + Farm” contains the meaning.
DOLLPAMM was named to imagine the sight of dolls playing on the farm.

Q: What are some of the inspirations behind your dolls?

A: I don’t have a specific concept when I sculpt a doll. I really like the illustrations in animation and game. Also, I’ve worked as a designer in a 2D game development company about 11 years ago. When I create a doll, it seems to reflect the style of animation and gaming tastes I like a lot.

Q: Will you be adding any other size dolls?

A: Recently, I was thinking of a few projects. There are no concrete plans yet, but I plan to add anthro types. I plan to sculpt a doll of large size little by little after working on smaller dolls.

Q: What was the first ball jointed doll (or dolls) that you completed for your company?

A: The ball jointed doll that was the first made for sale is LOLI line “MOMO”.

Q: Do any other people work for you? If so, what jobs do they do?

A: Currently, me and my wife, and an assistant work together.

I operate as part of the overall business as the sculpture of ball-jointed dolls, resin casting, making mold, and homepage maintenance. My wife is doing concept design of the ball-jointed doll with me, and costume production and management in Korea mall. My assistant is learning the resin cast technology from me, and also manages a portion of the production of the doll.

Q: Will you add any other resin colors for your dolls?

MOMOQ: I always create the tone color in resin 10kg units.
If I want to create a urethane of other colors, then I need to create a ratio of new toning to the resin. As the number of colors is increased, maintenance / management of the urethane resin will be very difficult. Currently, adding a color for a non-limited edition is very difficult. For these reasons, even we add a color, it is likely to be released in limited edition. I think I want to have the equipment / ability to manage the amount of colors of urethane as soon as possible.

Q: Do you have any particular animals in mind that you would like to make?

A: I’m not going to sculpting a common animal. If I sculpt an animal, I will sculpting a doll of the style of an anime / game character. On a priority basis, I’m going to make an anthro doll of the feline. After that sculpture is completed, I have no plans yet for the next doll.

Images above (from top) Caricature of Dr. Mes from Artist’s blog, sketch by the artist, Momo, the first doll sculpted.

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Bebe Line:

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Tiny Line:


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Loli Line:

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Shota Line:

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