Shehariah Lacrymosa and Kameko

At this time, Nefer Kane of Circus Kane Dolls is offering two doll heads designed to fit the Doll Chateau Youth and Adult and the Spider Elizabeth bodies. Shehariah Lacrymosa and Kameko are cast in pink or in white skin resin to match Doll Chateau dolls. The heads are being sold blank or with a face-up by artist Sally Chandler. Pre-order for the heads will close October 7th. Layaway is available. The heads and also a Doll Chateau body may also be ordered through authorized retailer Oobie Doll. (Note: face-ups shown are OOAK by the artist and are not available.)


Shehariah Lacrymosa

Shehariah Lacrymosa

Shehariah Lacrymosa1