Rosen Lied News

Currently, Rosen Lied is selling limited basic edition Holiday’s Child Peanut. She may be ordered in normal or white skin resin with a random color pair of glass eyes and a default outfit (hat, dress, drawers). An optional face-up may be added. Peanut’s pre-order will close on October 12th.

New special hands are now being sold for Holiday’s Child dolls. Three different hand poses are available.

On September 26th, Holiday’s Child Miu reverie version will be released,  Customers will be able to order her for one day only.

From the company:

[Release of special season limited basic doll]

Sales period : September 26th 7:00 PM ~ September 27th 12:00 AM (1 day)

Holiday’s Child Basic Miu (Reverie ver.)

Holiday’s child basic Miu (Reverie ver.) was only made for sale on off-line events.
However, we got many contacts from our customers and since this is our first time releasing a new type,
so we are having special sale of Miu(reverie ver.) online for 1 day as well.

 basic peanut

basic peanut2

holiday child hands