Sadol News

Sadol has added Girls Ocean and 1/6 size Lotita Twins outfits to their shop.

Girls Ocean comes in two sizes, small or large. Small fits Volks SD9 and SD13, Luts DF and SDF girl, Dolfie Dream small, medium and large and Sadol LOVE60 size dolls. Large fits Volks SD16 and Sadol Honey63 girls. Girls Ocean is available in red or blue and includes a sailor hat, dress, panties and stockings.

The small version of the Lolita Twins outfits are designed for new the Sadol Baby line and similar size 1/6 girls. The sets comes in red or brown. Each set includes a beret, blouse, suspender pants, socks and a bunny bag.




baby lolita twins

baby lolitatwins1