9Spirits is a new company by the artist of LittleRebel. The 9Spirits dolls are part a new project.  A BJD named Momo is about to be released in two resin colors.

From the artist:

Momo 1st release

19th September (17.00h CEST)
Momo is available in pale pink (blank or with default make-up), and in a limited dark grey resin (blank or with OOAK make-up).

All the dolls include glass eyes, certificate of authenticity and box with cushion.

The basic edition in pale pink resin can be ordered with default make-up or blank, and for the L.E. grey resin there will be some dolls with a special “one of a kind” make-up, and also a few blank dolls.



momo_pp00_2b momo20140728c


momo_g03a momo_g01e momo_g04d