A new doll head is being released soon by artist elisa_maza of Angel Toast.

From the artist:

My little MSD sculpt, Sparrow, is finally in resin!
She will be available only in a very limited run of 10 heads – 5 each in NS and WS.
The color is mixed to be close to FairyLand’s skin tones.

5 heads will be available for sale at Dollism Plus in NY this weekend:
2 WS with faceup (including the one shown below!), 1 NS with faceup, and one each in NS and WS that are blank.

After Dollism, the heads will go on sale in my Etsy store on September 26th, 12am midnight EST.

There will also be 2 each of blank Elf Ravens in NS and WS available, as well as a fullset for each color!
I am sharing with Magic Mirror and Azurielle’s Grove, and the theme for our table is the lands of Faerie.
Elf Raven will be our lords of the Seelie and Unseelie courts, along with Magic Mirror’s lovely Fairies of Glendalough and Maeve.
The bodies for Elf Raven were sculpted by Karlyl’s Creations, and the wonderful outfits are by Azurielle’s Grove.

Come see us at table 17 in the dealer’s hall!