Elf Hunter Ash

Limited edition Elf Hunter Ash is a new doll at WithDoll. He may be ordered in white, cream white, rose white, normal, gray, brown tan, rosy brown and UV protectant real, gray, rosy brown or brown tan resin. 45cm Ash is sold as a blank basic doll with a pair of acrylic eyes included. Option for the doll include a face-up, jeweled Oscar eyes, wig, outfit (jacket, sleeveless shirt, pants, gloves) and weapons (bow, arrow and quiver) and painting for the weapons.

A free gift will be included with Elf Hunter Ash, a pair of sandals and sandal feet.

From the company:

Our new boy,
The elf hunter Ash is released!

The elf hunter Ash is sold for a limited period of time only.
To celebrate the release, we prepared special gift!
We’re offering a pair of sandals and feet parts for the sandals.
Please don’t miss a golden opportunity!

Sales Period : September 13 to September 27