Ringdoll has produced their latest doll based on a game character, Shaolin. He is a 72cm tall Ring Grown BJD.  Shaolin  may be ordered in normal or white skin resin. For a limited time, the full-set shown may be purchased.

From the company:

JX3 x Ringdoll:
Kingsoft Season Game Studio together with Pisces Culture—–The annual great launch!

Clan:Shaolin http://www.ringdoll.com/goods.php?id=438

Fullset includes
eyes[Re-26] http://www.ringdoll.com/goods.php?id=291
clothes [RC70-40] http://www.ringdoll.com/goods.php?id=441
shoes[Rshoes70-14] http://www.ringdoll.com/goods.php?id=440
Head?RGM22(can be purchased separately) http://www.ringdoll.com/goods.php?id=439

1.Shaolin will be style limited, period:12th, Sep-1st-Dec 2014, after that only basic doll is available
2.There are two options of skin color for fullset and basic doll:normal skin and white skin.
3.Only RGMbody-2 for the fullset,basic doll can have RGMbody-1,RGMbody-2,RGMbody-3 for options.