Vampire Zach and Seung-A

Two new dolls are available at Soul Doll. They are limited edition Soul Zenith line Vampire Zach and basic Soul Kid Seung-A.

65.5cm tall Zach may be ordered in normal, white or grey skin resin. He is being sold as a blank basic doll with the eyes shown in the photos. Options include a face-up (default or special request), wig and outfit (shirt, vest, jacket, trousers, tie, tie brooch). Vampire Zach can be ordered until October 5th.

Seung-A comes with a choice of 42cm tall general or double jointed or 43cm tall NL body.  She may be ordered in normal or white skin resin. The basic doll will come with the eyes shown in the pictures and a random faux fur wig. Options for Seung-A include a default or special request face-up, wig (blond or brown) and casual outfit.  Between now and October 5th, customers that order Seung-A will receive as a gift, the white dress shown in photos on the website(see also below).


vampire zach 1
vampire zach full

seung a
seung a white dress