Peter Pan in Steamland

Latidoll has  a new series of limited edition dolls posted, Peter Pan in Steamland.  The releases will include Peter Pan Elf Mani, Wendy Coco, John Kuroo, Tinker Belle T. Sophie, Captain Hook Lea and Crocodile V. Haru. All of the dolls are from the Yellow line except Tinkerbelle Sophie which is a white line doll. The new series will be released at the end of the week. A free gift head will be included with qualifying purchases.

From the company:

We launch “The Peter Pan in Steamland” limited dolls, celebrating Lati’s 9th anniversary!

There will be especially T. Sophie as a new friend from White Line for this limited release!!

Order Period : Sep 11th ~ Oct 2nd

Kimmy Head event for the 9th anniversary!

*For the celebration of 9th Anniversary, we will introduce the special new head “Kimmy”

From 11th to 13th for 3days(in Korean time), we will present “Kimmy Head(no make-up) to our customers who purchase more than 1 doll among “The Peter Pan in Steamland”.

From 14th to the end of order period, The Kimmy head will be put on sale as option.

The cost will be $9 to celebrate our 9th anniversary.

**For White size doll, only the customers who purchase full set, can get the “Kimmy head” as present or buy it as option.,

(Purchasing only “Kimmy Head” is not available this time and we have not yet planned to sell it afterward)

*To the customers who order “The Peter Pan in Steamland” Full Package set(all full set six dolls from this release), we will specially present one make-up Kimmy doll as a gift(including body without option)!!


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captain hook