Hyperon, Dollism Plus USA Special

Hyperon: Rise of War will be released by Soom on their Idealian website this month. A special grey version of the doll will be available at Dollism Plus USA in New York.

From the company:

To celebrate our first attendance to the Dollism Plus in New York on Sept. 19 to 21st.
We will release a new SO Hyperon (IDealian72 doll anytime soon in this month.

This doll will be available in two versions:

– Site version: available in Cream White Skin and Normal Skin
– Dollism Plus version: Cream White Skin, Normal Skin and Grey Skin
(Grey Skin will be available at the event only).

More details about the event: http://www.denofangels.com/dollism/.

Please be looking forward to it, and come to visit us at the SOOM booth if you attend the convention.