Baby, Petitcorn and Kentauros

April Story has introduced new dolls and creatures on the website. Two dolls, Dasom and Dasom Dreaming have been released. A unicorn creature called a Petitcorn is also available. The 1/6 side human dolls may also be ordered in a “kentauros” doll set.

Baby line Dasom and Dasom Dreaming are available in normal or white skin resin. They are sold blank with optional face-up and body blushing.

The Petitcorn creatures are cast in white resin with a choice of transparent blue, pink, gold, green, brown or black unicorn horn, mane and tail. Customers may select the pupiless eye color they wish. Optional body blushing is available.

Kentauros version Dasom and Dasom Dreaming come in a choice of normal or white resin.  The dolls come with a separate Petitcorn.  The upper part of the doll may also be attached to the body of the Petitcorn creating the Kentauros.

From the company:

April Story has brought a surprising news for you today -> ~ NEW FACES ~

We finally released our Baby dolls, Petitcorn (cute UNICORN!) and Kentauros (Baby+Petitcorn) dolls.

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* Limited Sales Items

* Order Period: September 5, 2014 (11AM) – October 11, 2014 (11PM) in Korean time based

* Shipping Period: takes about 30~60 business days after the payment is confirmed


Dasom Dreaming with a Petitcorn

Dasom Dreaming with a Petitcorn

Dasom assembeld into a Kentauros

Dasom assembled into a Kentauros