Infernale and Lacrimosa

At the request of customers, two Class 80 dolls will be re-released at Immortality of Soul.  The first pre-order period is running now.  Lacrimosa is being sold as a full doll. Infernale is being offered as either a full doll or as a head-only. Both are being sold as blank basic dolls. Infernale comes with 2 tongue parts. For this pre-order, the dolls will be shipped for free.

From the company:

The Class80 Lacrimosa & Infernale Re-release Information

We have been received the requests for re-release about Lacrimosa & Infernale.

And we thanks all about these interests really.

The order period progresses through two times.

We will complete the shipping in 60days.

1st Order Period : 2014.8.29 ~ 2014.9.30 ( Free Shipping fee Event)

2nd Order Period: 2014.11.15 ~ 2014.12.15




infernale head